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Reasons for easily burn-out of excavator controller and monitor

The owner of the excavator usually shakes his head, and said the controller of his excavator is burn-out, or themonitor cannot be turned on. Actually these problems are man-made damages. And the controller and monitor of the excavators cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The damage might inevitably cause heartache. The attention for the following several aspects may reduce the possibility of burn-out of electric parts for excavators in the daily operation of the excavators.

 Firstly, Battery pile is badly connected, and contact surface is oxidized, which will lead to the increase of damage for excavator controller and monitor. It is same to the principle for the household appliances, which means if the fuse box burned or the switch is bad connected, the light bulb is always bright and dark, which will easily lead to damage of the light bulb. Excavator electrical system and home appliances are running similarly, so the user or operator must pay attention to the battery contact and ensure the fastening.

Secondly, if the battery cable inversely connected, it will be a very serious mistake and will lead to great destructiveness, ranging from burning wires, to the burned out of  the power circuit and the controller/CPU andmonitor. Some excavator electric circuit is combined with diodes. If battery polarity is inversely connected, these diodes will also be burnt out, and fuses will also surely not immune.

Thirdly, the fault or abnormal operation of the throttle motor will also lead to the burn out of the computer board and instrument. The throttle motors for excavators are divided to DC motor and stepping motor. If motor is short-circuited due to overheating, the throttle control circuit part of the computer Board will be easily burnt out. This is inevitable fault, so the user shall usually pay attention to make excavator throttle motor Assembly clean and tidy, and the possibility of fault will be reduced; when the excavator is running with battery, throttle motor rod cannot be pulled. if throttle control rod is forced to move, it will extremely lead to the damage of controller.

Fourthly, using 26V battery power to start the excavator is usually applied to the old excavators in the time of cold days when the machine is hard to start. If this operation method is used for the new models excavator withcontrollers, the problem might arise: the power replay and safety reply might be easily burned. The burned of these two relays will lead to the short circuit of the internal coil, and the computer Board and instrument are also burned.

Fifthly, this phenomenon for water seepage of the computer board and instrument is very common, but also greatly destructive. Especially for the time computer board is taking in water when it is charged, basically all the internal circuit board copper will be oxidized and burned beyond repair. Another circumstance is that the wiring harness and plugs are taking in water. It will lead to the oxidization of the
controller plugs. The phenomenon for this circumstance is the Poor contact between pins and circuit board.   

Sixthly, The misoperation of mechanics is another possibility. Many mechanics do not specialize in circuit. When they suspect that electronic parts are not working properly, they will think of using the short-circuit method to test whether the circuit is normal or not. This short-circuit maintenance method of operation is not recommended among the methods for circuit maintenance, and the damage is very powerful.

These are the several possibilities which caused the burn out of the excavator controller and instrument. If the usage and maintenance according to the discipline and regulation, as the important component for excavators, thecontroller will not be easily burned out. 

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