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PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

SY No.: SY-KC021
Model: PC200-7
Part No.: –

Keywords:PC200-7 LCD, PC200-7 LCD Assembly

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PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

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Product Show - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

PC200-7 LCD
SY No.: SY-KC021
Model: PC200-7
Part No.: –
payment terms 2 - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

Keywords:PC200-7 LCD, PC200-7 LCD Assembly

•PC200-7 LCD Harness Sometimes the color is not the same as the photo, please know it is same
• Wire and electrical parts are very easy to short circuit, which will lead to the damage of monitor. Please
note testing and pay attention to the installation of the monitor and controller.

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SY KC016 PC200 7 Monitor LCD - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

20180713143728 副本 - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

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  • PC200-5 PC200-6 Computer board plug
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  • 7834-41-2000 Accelerator Motor
  • PC200-7 Solenoid Valve Assembly
  • PC400-7 Engine Harness

company show - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

                                      Company Information

Sanyou Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd. founded in 2005 is one of the largest professional mechanical construction
enterprises in China. Our company specialize in producing, developing and selling excavator parts for well-
know brands like Hitachi, Komatsu, CAT,Kobelco, Sumitomo,Daewoo and Kato etc. Product include controller,
monitor, motor ass’y, solenoid valve,hydraulic valve,sensors and switches. Our products are well selling in
America,Europe,Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa many other countries and regions.With the faith of
“survive on quality, develop by credit”, we sincerely hope to have long-term cooperation with all of you on
the bases of mutual benefit and common development.

factory - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assemblymaintenance department - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

a).  100% quality assurance, develop and manufacture follow original ones;

b).  Quick response within 24 hours ;

c).  Small order allowed;

d).  Reasonable stock and timely delivery;

e).  Original packing, neutral packing or customized packing;

f).  Positive customer feedback from abroad market;

g).  Excellent After-sales service;

h).  Particular Maintance service: monitor, ECU(engine controller) and hydraulic pump repairing, as well
as monitor hours resetting, etc.

our team - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

faq - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly


1. How can I trace my order?

We will sent you the tracking number by email or message.

2. If I was not satisfied with the products, can I return goods?

Yes, we offer exchange and repair service in the warranty time. Pls contact us before you return it.

3. How long will it take to ship out my order?

Once we get payment confirmation, we will try the best to prepare shipment within  24 hours.

4. What kind of shipping way can you supply?

By sea, air or express(DHL,Fedex,TNT, UPS, EMS etc.)

5. How long does it take to my address?

If by express ually cost 4-7 days, it depends on different country.

6. Why should I choose to buy from you?

Our advantages: 100% quality assurance, develop and manufature follow original ones;Quick response
within 24 hours;Small order allowed;Reasonable stock and timely delivery;Neutral packing, customized
packing are allowed. Positive customer feedback from abroad market;Excellent after-sales service.

7. Your maintance service is including?

Repairing : Monitor, ECU, wiring harness, monitor hours resetting, etc.

8. Warranty?

3~12 months, depending on different products.

packing - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

transportation - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

payment - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly

a).  Our website do not support online shopping.

b).  Contact us via Email, Skype or Phone, we can make invoice to every customers for their requirement.
Special requirement please tell us before delivery and we will depath the goods after receiving payment.

b).   Acceptable Payment terms: TT transfer, Western Union, Paypal and Moneygram.

c).   Package: standard exp. carton or as clients demand.

d).   Delivery detail: 1~3 bussiness days after receiving payment, then 3-7 bussiness days is needed for
express(EMS,DHL,UPS ,TNT).

contact us - PC200-7 LCD PC200-7 LCD Assembly


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