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Model: SK200-8


Product Description 300x16 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

Komatsu inner and outer wiring
No. Model Item Name Part No.
1 PC200-6 Operating Wiring Harness 20Y-06-25140
2 PC200-6 Old type hand throttle outer wiring 20Y-06-D1230
3 PC200-6 Old type hand throttle inner wiring left side 20Y-06-24760
4 PC200-6 Old type hand throttle inner wiring right side 20Y-06-24751
5 PC200-6A new type outer wiring electronic throttle 20Y-06-22713
6 PC200-6A new type inner wiring electronic throttle 20Y-06-25120
7 PC200-7 old type inner wiring 20Y-06-31110
8 PC200-7 old type outer wiring 20Y-06-31611
9 PC200-7 new type inner wiring 20Y-06-71512
10 PC200-7 new type outer wiring 20Y-06-31612
11 PC200-7 new type outer wiring 20Y-06-31614
12 PC200-7 monitor wiring 208-53-12920
13 PC200-7 radio wiring harness 20Y-979-6151
14 PC200-8 distributing valve wiring harness (main) 20Y-06-42411
15 PC200-8 monitor 20Y-06-42320
16 PC200-8 right side old series operating wiring key line 20Y-06-41130
17 PC200-8 right side old series operating wiring key line 20U-06-22330
18 PC200-8 left side operating old series radio wiring 21M-06-31170
19 PC200-8 left side operating new series radio wiring 20Y-06-41121
20 PC300-7 PC360-7 old type inner wiring harness 207-06-71211
21 PC300-7 PC360-7 old type outer wiring harness 207-06-71110
22 PC300-7 new type inner wiring 207-06-71562
23 PC300-7 new type outer wiring 207-06-71114
24 PC400-7 new type inner wiring 208-06-71511
25 PC400-7 new type outer wiring 208-06-71113
26 PC200-7 PC300-7 PC400-7 display line current use 20Y-06-31120
27 PC130-7 Outer wiring harness 203-06-71712
28 PC130-7 inner wiring harness 203-06-71731
29 PC360-7 driver’s cab outer wiring 203-06-71113
30 PC60-7 dirver’s cab inner wiring 207-06-71220
31 PC60-7 inner wiring harness 201-06-73113
32 PC60-7 Outer wiring harness 201-06-D1210
33 PC60-7 Outer wiring harness 201-06-73134
34 PC60-7 Outer wiring harness 201-06-73135
1 PC70-8 Engine wiring harness 6271-81-8240
2 PC200-8 EOHB205-8 Hybrid power wiring harness
3 PC200-8  Engine wiring harness 6754-81-9440
4 PC300-7  Engine wiring harness 6743-81-8310
5 PC300-7 EO  Engine wiring harness 9745-81-8310
6 PC300-8  Engine wiring harness 6745-81-9220
7 PC400-7 engine fuel injector wiring harness 6219-81-8350
8 PC400-7 engine sensor wiring harness 6256-81-9211
9 PC400-7 EO/ PC400-8 engine wiring harness 6156-81-9340
10 PC600-8 PC800-8 engine wiring harness (main) 6251-81-9810
11 PC600-8 PC800-8 engine fuel injector wiring harness 6261-81-8910
12 PC650-8 Engine two wiring harness in one 6261-81-6120
13 PC1250-7 engien ECM wiring harness 6261-81-8910
14 PC1250-7 engine sensor wiring harness 6240-81-5322(02)
15 4D95 engine wiring harness 6240-81-5315(01)
16 4D107 engine testing wiring harness 6240-81-9151(03)
17 6D107 engine testing wiring harness SAA4D95-3
18 6D125 engine testing wiring harness SAA4D107-1
19 6D140 engine testing wiring harness SAA6D125-5
20 6D170 engine testing wiring harness SAA6D140-5
21 Komatsu commins tester SAA6D170-3
22 Komatsu commins actuating apparatus INKINE5/6
23 PC200-8  pump controller 3163890
1 CAT 320D engine wiring harness 296-4617
2 CAT 325C engine wiring harness 195-7336
3 CAT 325D engine wiring harness 198-2713
4 CAT 324D CAT326D engine wiring harness 381-2499
5 CAT330C engine wiring harness 230-6279
6 CAT330D engine wiring harness 235-8202
7 CAT336D engine wiring harness 323-9140
8 CAT345DL engine wiring harness 354-0048/385-2664
9 CAT330D CAT336D Cylinder line 419-0841
10 CAT320C old type outer wiring harness 196-4605HE01
11 CAT336D drilling outer wiring harness 324-3063HE01
12 CAT C7/C9 signal cylinder plug 366-9748
13 CAT336D outer wiring harness 3068797-01HE/10
14 CAT C6.4 testing wiring harness C6.4
15 CAT C7-18 testing wiring harness C7-C15
16 CAT third generation detector AC3 genuine 3177485
17 SK200-8 Hino J05 wiring harness 82121-E0G40
18 SK350-7 Hino J08 wiring harness 82121-E0301

Warranty:1 year,6 months, 3months depending on different products

Brand: Sanyou

MOQ: 1PCS small order are accepted

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Our Advantage:

  • Excavator spare parts in full-scale are available;
  • 100% quality assurance, develop and manufacture follow original ones;
  • Quick response within 24 hours ;
  • Small order allowed;
  • Reasonable stock and timely delivery;
  • Original packing, neutral packing or customized packing;
  • Positive customer feedback from abroad market;
  • Excellent After-sales service.
  • Maintance service : repairing for monitor, ECU computer and hydraulic pump; monior hours resetting, etc.


Packaging Shipping 300x16 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

packing 300x147 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

Packaging Detail:packed by standard exp. carton.

Delivery Detail:1-3 days after received the payment

Shipping terms :

1. We will send it out whith 1-3 bussiness days after payment reeived .then 3-7 bussiness days needed for express(EMS,DHL,UPS ,TNT)delivery time .Many samples in stock will arrival earlier.

2.We make invoice for every customers as they requirement (special requirement please tell us before delivery )


company information 300x16 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

company information 1 1 300x150 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

company information 1 2 300x256 - SK200-8 HYD PUMP HARNESS

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