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Notice of operation and maintenance for excavator monitor

Recently, many of our clients asked me a lot of questions about the notice of operation and maintenance for excavator monitors. Now for the questions, we answer together at the same time for your reference:

1, Water cannot be allowed to leak to the monitor. Once the monitor permeates water, it will be burned with 90% possibility;

2, if there is fault code above the monitor, the fault must be found and solved in the first time, and do not count on luck. The longer we postpone the problem, the greater impact on the performance of the excavator. The postponed solution to many failures is likely to cause the burned out of the monitor;

3, do not disassemble the monitor optionally. Whether it will be disposable to the inside of the internal structure of the monitor or not, it must be processed by professional personnel;

4, when repairing the circuit or lines of the excavators, you must find a professional mechanical and electrical engineering personals to operate. Please do not pretend to understand circuit problems when you do not know. If the operation for circuit is not improper, the consequences could be very serious. In this case, the burned out of the monitor and the controller is a common phenomenon;

5, when preceding the welding operation for excavators, please do not connect the welder to theexcavator battery for welding operation. The welding voltage is high. Once the welder is connected to the battery, the high voltage immediately spread the entire vehicle, and the monitor and controller are likely to be burned, in which case damage to excavator electromechanical devices would be extremely serious. Please always keep in mind;

6. Do not tamper with the battery clamp , and do not put the battery clip reversed , otherwise it will be susceptible to a short circuit. So the monitor and controller board are likely to be burned.

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